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Leading solar energy supplier SunPower by Precis specializes in home and business solar energy solutions. High-efficiency solar panel systems that save energy costs and provide clean, renewable energy are designed, constructed, and installed by them. By offering dependable, affordable solar energy solutions, SunPower by Precis gives its clients long-lasting value.

SunPower by Precis overview

Leading solar energy supplier SunPower by Precis specializes in home and business solar energy solutions. High-efficiency solar panel systems that save energy costs and provide clean, renewable energy are designed, constructed, and installed by them. By offering dependable, affordable solar energy solutions, SunPower by Precis gives its clients long-lasting value.

What SunPower by Precis has to say about itself

Leading worldwide solar firm SunPower by Precis offers cutting-edge solar technology solutions to a range of clients all over the globe. Our company specializes in the production, design, and installation of integrated solar energy solutions, and we work hard to construct outstanding, dependable, and environmentally friendly systems that are suited to the individual needs and demands of each of our clients.

SunPower by Precis Solar Review

Year Started1988
Service AreasCA
Service TypesFinancing, Manufacturing, Architecture, Construction
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, C-10, CSI-SC, ISO, CBC

SunPower by Precis website review

SunPower by Precis is an industry leader in solar photovoltaic system design, supply, and installation; their website may be found at You may learn about the company's goals, browse available products, get contact details, and shop directly from the site. SunPower by Precis has an informative and attractive website where you can learn more about the business and the services they provide. The site is well-designed and easy to use, with information that has been well-crafted and produced. An online shop is also available on the site for convenient purchasing. The website seems trustworthy, and initial research about the firm reveals positive feedback.

SunPower by Precis price policy

PackagesPowerExpress Residential Solar Package: Starts at $19,000, SunPower E-series Solar Panel System: Starts at $18,800, SunPower X-Series Solar Panel System: Starts at $19,400, SunPower P-Series Solar Panel System: Starts at $23,000, SunPower Inverter and Monitoring System: Starts at $2,700, SunPower System Warranty: Starts at $500, Base Plan: Starts at $500, Premium Plan: Starts at $1,000, SunPower Complete Solar Installation Service: Starts at $1,200, Maintenance Plan: Starts at $150, Custom Plans: Quoted separately
Payment optionsCash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and check.
Payment discounts10% off for military personnel, 10% off for veterans, 15% off for seniors, 10% off for first responders, 10% off for members of the SunPower Community, Referral program, get $500 off after a successful referral

SunPower by Precis online reputation

Customers who have used SunPower by Precis have given it a variety of ratings. Some customers have expressed their satisfaction with the level of service they have gotten, with many praising the helpful and courteous employees. However, some people have complained about the company's dependability and customer service, alleging lengthy wait times and a lack of response to inquiries. Overall, SunPower by Precis seems to have a loyal clientele, however, service quality may be improved.
"I had a really tough time with communicating and receiving a refund check after I canceled. We chose to not go through with adding panels to an existing installation since our electrical panel didn't sustain adequate current. That extra expense made the ROI difficult. PrecisSolar was entirely wonderful and helpful throughout this. They promised to return me the $1200 deposit. It has already been 12 weeks. I emailed with no reply, then I contacted two weeks ago and was informed it was being handled. I still have nothing." - Myles S.
"Poor customer service! To have someone look at my solar panels, which haven't been functioning for months, I've been phoning customer care for more than a month. The first time, I was instructed to do a reset and to wait a few days. When that failed, I contacted again and was informed that a ticket needed to be filed. Not a single phone call has been returned in the last two weeks. I keep attempting to email and schedule an appointment, but I never get a response. This really irritates me. Without solar power for months, no one was able to assist. Once you purchase their panels, it seems that you are no longer a top priority." - Emanuel R.
"In June of this year, SunPower suggested that I check out Precis. In the end, I decided not to work with them, and I informed both them and SunPower of my decision by phone and email. For the following couple of months, they harassed me through phone and email despite my requests to be removed from their database. This included sending a sales email to 45+ persons, which revealed the email addresses of all recipients. As of today (May 5, 2022) I have received yet another sales email from which I can do nothing to opt out. Take caution while interacting with these individuals. They will constantly harass you with messages. Can you please delete my contact information from your system? I appreciate it." - Kyler V.
"Since having my solar panels turned on by IID, they have not been functioning and have been repeatedly tripping the breaker. If there were a rating of 0 stars, I would give it to this firm. No one, neither the construction crew, the roofing firm, or SunPower, can get the solar panels to work on my brand-new house. Those panels aren't producing any light, thus I need my money returned ASAP." - Pedro A.
"Beware the buyer!!!! Since 2014, I have owned them. This firm is nothing but a nightmare. In spite of my 33 panels, my annual bill from Edison is still close to $3,000. I have no idea how often my machine crashes. Support from them is useless. All I keep hearing is, "We put in a request and two to three months later a crew turns up. They always deny a connection when there is one. I never receive a good explanation for why something isn't functioning. My system was broken again after a week of being divided after 8 years. After many more appointments, it started to work, although for how long nobody knows. They also have a worthless production guarantee. Edison cost me $4,100.00 last year. As a production guarantee, they sent what? A 175.00 !!! That's amazing and well worth the $270 I send your way every month. And when the system crashes, they blame everyone except themselves!!! Nope, not my property at all!! If the system isn't operating, then why should I have to pay for it? No one in the firm knows the solution to my query. My money are deducted regularly, like clockwork, from an account for a useless system. There is no follow-up! You constantly have to wait on the phone and waste time watching golf. They repair it, then send an email stating the issue has been resolved. You may save yourself time, money, and aggravation by leaving this organization." - Weston G.
"SunPower by Precis was a great company to work with from start to finish. Paul gave an excellent presentation that was both informative and non-overselling. I conducted a lot of research, and it turns out that their panels are the best on the market, their guarantee is better than that of many other top businesses, and their installation staff is top-notch. Due to its popularity, regulatory procedure, and inspections, it took longer than intended to make the system fully operational. I'm very glad that we made the switch to solar panels." - Quinn K.
"They did a great job from the first quote/design phase through activating the system. The cost was reasonable, the installation crew was professional, and the system performs well. One of the installers stepped through the ceiling of our kitchen while they were putting conduit into the attic. Nobody was hurt, and we didn't even see it until they pointed it out. The project manager arranged for expert drywall repair and repainting and followed up to make sure we were happy with the results. We appreciate everything, and we couldn't be happier with our choice of Sunpower by Precis." - Caiden S.
"SunPower built a solar power system for my wife and I, and we couldn't be happier with it. From contract signing to final permission for usage by SDG&E, the process took less than a month and was quite straightforward. By going with the lease, we were able to lower our utility costs in half. What's more, it was the most professional installation I've ever seen. All wiring for our house was routed within the walls rather than outside in conduit. Except for the required 220V circuit breaker, which must be installed on the outside of the property, we installed the fuse box and WiFi-based data reporting box in our garage. Our solar consultant and the rest of the Precis team offered outstanding customer service. Through email and phone calls, we were informed of the progress of the project at all times. If you're looking for a solar energy company, I strongly suggest SunPower by Precise." - Skyler W.
"Our big solar installation by SunPower was finished last week, and today was spent on final inspection and setup. Ed and three other young guys made up our installation team. They were punctual, tidy, and polite. They updated me on the installation and its progress at every stage. Ed and his team were the most courteous and careful installers I have ever worked with. Josh arrived today to do the final walkthrough and make any necessary adjustments to the setup. He matched the other guys in their politeness and attention to detail. Like the prior team, Josh showed up on schedule, finished the job quickly, and patiently answered all of our questions. SunPower by Precis is the only solar firm you need to work with if you value professionalism and customer service. They will be there on time, operate quickly and efficiently, and leave no trace of their presence behind. For any future endeavors, I strongly suggest SunPower." - Simon O.
"When Precis went above and above for me, I felt compelled to take the time to write a review. When I needed 36 solar panels installed on my roof, I called Precis. After looking into numerous other firms, I decided to go with Precis not just because of the positive reviews and reasonable prices, but also because of Mike, one of their sales representatives. He knew his stuff and wasn't aggressive like representatives from several other businesses I contacted. His method is educational, and I didn't get the impression that I was being "closed" as I would in a vehicle dealership. Everyone I've dealt with in Sales, scheduling, engineering, manufacturing, and installation has been excellent. Excellent business that cared about my satisfaction to the point of going above and beyond. Mike's involvement lasted for the duration. Precise Solar comes highly recommended by me. I'm not being paid to say this; I am a happy client. See attached photo." - Axel С.

SunPower by Precis Social media
The SunPower by Precis Facebook page is uncluttered and easy to navigate. The page is well-organized and contains only relevant information. It is pleasing to the eye and simple to read, making it a joy to flip through. Numerous aesthetically attractive pictures of solar panels exist to aid in explaining their function. So far, the page has 2,800 followers, and there have been a few postings, indicating that there is some activity there. All entries seem to be connected to the business and its solar energy services, and there are no embedded videos or other connections. The page's trustworthiness and legitimacy are bolstered by the presence of a Trustmark and the inclusion of an address and phone number for the business. In sum, the data shown on SunPower by Precis' Facebook page is reliable and precise.
The SunPower by Precis company's LinkedIn profile looks great and seems extremely official. It's been around for a while, so people know they can trust the information and resources it provides on solar energy. Many of the organization's achievements are highlighted, and recent news and updates are provided, all on this website. Contact details, descriptions of forthcoming projects and services, and product listings are all conveniently accessible. You may also use it to network with other experts in the solar energy field. The SunPower by Precis corporate page has over 400 followers and a wealth of information for anybody curious about solar power. You can trust the information it provides, and it's a handy method to track recent trends in the renewable energy sector.
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SunPower by Precis average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews583.5


SunPower by Precis Pros & Cons

  • High Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Financial Benefits
  • High Price
  • Reputation Risks
  • Limited Availability

SunPower by Precis Final Conclusions

SunPower by Precis is a solar installation and energy efficiency firm. Installation, retrofitting, and design of solar energy systems for homes are just some of the things they provide. Their services are well regarded, and their prices are competitive. SunPower by Precis gets 4 stars.

SunPower by Precis locations

Main Address36625 Kevin Rd, Suite 147 Wildomar, CA 92595
Phone Number9512893713

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