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Sunshine Renewable exists to "do right by our community and the environment that sustains it." This concept has transformed our tiny firm from a subcontracted install crew to a full-scale, turnkey solar enterprise with excellent customer service and NABCEP accreditation. We spent our careers advancing solar energy. We want to be part of the energy revolution so future generations may enjoy energy security and our planet's natural beauty.

Sunshine Renewable Solutions overview

Sunshine Renewable exists to "do right by our community and the environment that sustains it." This concept has transformed our tiny firm from a subcontracted install crew to a full-scale, turnkey solar enterprise with excellent customer service and NABCEP accreditation. We spent our careers advancing solar energy. We want to be part of the energy revolution so future generations may enjoy energy security and our planet's natural beauty.

What Sunshine Renewable Solutions has to say about itself

One of Texas' top solar installation businesses, Sunshine Renewable Solutions was established in 2017. Reference-level home and commercial solar installation is the focus of our work. Sunshine Renewable Solutions exists to develop and install the finest systems for people who want to be in the lead. Harvesting solar energy is a booming business and activity. We recognize that deciding to install solar panel systems for your home or place of business is not an easy one, which is why we inform and assist our customers at every stage of the process, from design to installation, and provide turnkey solutions. Our solar panel installation teams are made up of skilled professionals that are qualified in the newest methods and technology. Our systems survive for decades with just routine maintenance being required since we only deal with the finest solar panel manufacturers and wholesalers. One of the top Houston solar installers, Sunshine Renewable Solutions has executed projects that span Greater Texas as well. Regardless of your solar installation history or your energy requirements, we are here to make the process easy.

Sunshine Renewable Solutions Solar Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsSolar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal panels
Backup BatteryLithium iron phosphate (LFP) and lead-acid batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SRCC, BBB

Sunshine Renewable Solutions website review

A website created for a renewable energy provider named "Sunshine Renewable Energy" that offers solar energy solutions. The website features a clean, professional design with an intuitive layout. The predominant color scheme is blue and white, which gives it a tidy and modern appearance. The website has a banner graphic of a solar panel installation that clearly conveys the company's key services. There are choices for Home, About Us, Services, Products, Projects, and Contact Us on the menu bar of the website. Customers may get in touch with the business via the "Contact Us" section's contact form, phone number, email address, and physical location.The website conveys the company's services, goods, and initiatives clearly and looks to have been well thought out.

Sunshine Renewable Solutions price policy

PackagesFrom about $5,000 and can go up to $25,000 or more
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), PayPal, cash, personal checks, and money orders.
Payment discountsDiscounts for customers paying in full on the day of installation

Sunshine Renewable Solutions online reputation

Customer feedback indicates that Sunshine Renewable Solutions' service includes both good and bad aspects. Customers give the solar panel quality and the installation crew high marks for their professionalism and kindness. Additionally, several clients like the inconspicuous sales strategy and affordable costs. Negative evaluations, on the other hand, indicate issues with project management and post-sale assistance. Customers have complained about missing deadlines, poor communication, and installation-related property damage. Along with worries regarding the efficiency of the panels and the buyout program, complaints have also been made concerning the absence of installation instructions and assistance. Sunshine Renewable Solutions seems to have a generally mixed reputation, with some clients reporting excellent experiences and others complaining about the service. Before choosing to deal with a firm, prospective customers may wish to carefully study evaluations.
"On 12/14/22, Sunshine installed my solar panels. Since I signed the contract on July 31, 2012, the installation process took 4.5 months. Although the owner prompted me to do so and advised me to be truthful, I had no intention of doing so. Pros: Quality appears fine, installers were kind. Nice salesman; excellent presentation. Cons: The project manager failed to meet all of their deadlines. either made up an excuse or did not show up. beyond the intended timetable. no setup assistance or instructions after installation. Example 1: Project Manager said that a change in permission regulations that rejected their proposal was the reason we had gone more than 90 days without hearing anything. I received this by email. The PM had just never filed any modifications, so when I phoned the municipal permit office, there were none. The turnaround time at the Frisco permit office is 24 hours. Example 2: After some back and forth, I contacted to cancel our purchase in order to hear from them, and the salesman connected me with the owner. We had scheduled an installation date for that week. The installers failed to appear. When I got in touch with the project manager, he claimed that he didn't micromanage his team and that he didn't know where they were. I received a text message with this. Based on previous reviews, I had great expectations about these, so I hope you have luckier." - Frisco Homeowner
"Sunshine Renewable is the only firm you need to consider if you want to work with someone you can trust. We had a few problems with permits and the first installation, but all was resolved, and promises were kept. You may rely on someone to take care of something if they promise to do so." - Logan
"Before and throughout the installation, I had excellent fast and courteous service. Within two days, the installation was finished, but then everything appeared to come to an end. As there seemed to be little to no contact after the panels were placed, we had to initiate a series of phone conversations at each stage of the activation of the panels in order to keep the process going ahead. Once operational, several Sunshine Renewable members suggested us to use Rhythm Energy since they offered the greatest buyback in our region. After a few months, we have seen that, in addition to the panels' price, our electricity expenses have almost doubled from what they were before we began this procedure. Aside from that, we've been told that our panels aren't working as well as promised and won't likely create any extra energy, which will result in little to no repurchase credit. We can offer five stars for the sales process, the price, and the schedule, but until our panels provide any useful data, I'd have to give installation quality and after-sales support a bad rating." - CB
"I saw ratings and reviews. The only ones that let me read the whole of their contract before I made a choice. The system's best price." - MDS
"Horrible experience made worse by purposeful property damage caused by the installation staff splitting one of my roof beams in two. Here is a rundown of a few instances of their ongoing failures: The property damage mentioned or pictured that I discovered on my own, the lack of communication, the installation of different panels than in the agreement without a change order, the use of conduit to run wires externally instead of routing in the attic like all other utilities when possible, and the lack of call-backs or no-shows on me eight times after signing the contract cost me vacation days. And the issues their leadership team promised to do are still pending. The saddest aspect is that they never admitted fault or exercised sufficient restraint to express regret. Just keep coming up with reasons." - Ryan B.
"Starting with our energy consultant/designer engineer Shannon Munden, the Sunshine crew was very helpful and kind. We looked all around, but none could match our experience with Sunshine. Most of the businesses were quite "sales-y" and unable to respond to our technical inquiries. Shannon was able to fully comprehend and allay our queries and worries since he has a system on his roof and a ton of expertise with solar energy. Although it took longer than we had hoped, we are ecstatic with our system and the Sunshine team." - Jennifer Mae Faulkner
"On schedule, the men came and put the solar panels on my Dallas roof. They were courteous and cleaned up after themselves, and the task only took approximately two days. I would tell my relatives and friends about this business." - jeff b
"I suggest Sunshine Renewable Solutions for any of your solar requirements. The whole staff goes above and beyond to do objectives like keeping you updated, having knowledge, and having abilities." - P.E.T.S. Clinic
"Good practical knowledge. Obtaining panels installed at a reasonable cost. least pushy salesperson, no pushing or pushing. A bit worried about the absence of a physical location, but they have always been there for me whenever I have needed them." - J Ho
"The whole experience was excellent. The sales encounter was courteous, educational, and low-pressure. They submitted a very competitive offer while respecting my bid procedure. For a cleaner look on my roof, I chose a Black on Black solar system. To give us a very pure black on black effect, they made a number of design and installation changes to the system. On sweltering Texas midsummer days, the installation crew put forth a lot of effort to install the system. Our choice to work with Sunshine Renewable Solutions has made me quite delighted." - Windfall

Sunshine Renewable Solutions Social media
Sunshine Renewable Solutions is a facebook page that promotes green energy alternatives and renewable energy sources. Since it was established a little more than a year ago, the page, which claims over 1100 followers, has updated often. There is a wide range of material on the website about renewable energy options, including news, suggestions, and general interest articles. Regular giveaways and competitions are also held on the page, most recently a chance to win a solar panel installation. In general, the page is kept up nicely and provides its fans with interesting, educational stuff. The page also seems to be making an effort to foster a feeling of community among its fans, as seen by the frequent competitions and community debates. Sunshine Renewable Solutions seems to be off to a wonderful start in its campaigns to promote renewable energy sources and solutions, and the website is probably going to get more and more followers from those who care about the environment and sustainable living.
Sunshine Renewable Solutions is a well constructed LinkedIn profile that offers its subscribers educational and interesting articles about renewable energy sources and solutions. With more than 600 followers, the page often publishes articles on new developments in renewable energy, business news, and environmentally friendly practices. On this website, team activities and job openings are also often posted. In general, the website is kept up properly and has current information that is useful to anyone working in the renewable energy sector. Additionally, it seems like the page is actively conversing with its fans and promoting debate about the information it shares. Sunshine Renewable Solutions seems to be making major efforts to interact with their followers and enhance their LinkedIn profile.
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Sunshine Renewable Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews4234.7


Sunshine Renewable Solutions Pros & Cons

  • High quality solar products and components
  • Variety of payment methods
  • Financing options
  • Higher upfront costs than other providers
  • Long-term funding commitment
  • Limited service area

Sunshine Renewable Solutions Final Conclusions

Based on mixed customer reviews, it seems that Sunshine Renewable Solutions has both strengths and weaknesses in their solar installation services. While some customers praise their sales process, competitive pricing and courteous installers, others express concerns about poor communication, missed deadlines, property damage and post-installation support. It's worth noting that the reviews cover a period of more than a decade, and it's possible that the company has made changes to address some of the issues mentioned. In general, it seems that clients have had varied experiences with Sunshine Renewable Solutions, and it is important for potential clients to carefully read the reviews and weigh the pros and cons before deciding to work with the company.

Sunshine Renewable Solutions locations

Main Address6033 S Loop E Fwy, Houston, TX 77033
Phone Number832-280-8838

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