Brio Solar Energy review

Brio Solar Energy review
Brio is hyper-focused on helping homeowners and businesses save money and avoid the rising energy prices by owning their own solar power supply—creating a clean and independent energy future. Why Brio, you ask? Here are a few reasons customers love Brio: - Best Price Guarantee - $0 Up Front Cost - 25 Year Solar Panel Warranty - Quality Workmanship Guarantee - Custom Designed Proposals - Solar Production Guarantee - Friendly, Helpful U.S. Customer Service - Fast Solar Install in as Little as 4 Weeks - Nearly 200,000 Solar Panels Installed Around the Country - 5 Years in Business. - Accredited With the Better Business Bureau - $103,521 Average Projected Customer Savings Over System Life With Brio Energy, the sky’s the limit and the future is bright.
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Main Office Address 5820 East W.T. Harris Boulevard Suite 211, Charlotte NC, 28215


Hudson Greenaway
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    Ahemrick - Kernersville, North Carolina April 7, 2022 at 1:58 pm

    This company is dishonest and targets the elderly and people who are struggling financially and feeds them false promises of not having power bills and will tell you whatever you want to hear to trap you into signing, including incentives for signing that day. Extremely shady sales tactics. My husband and I were scammed by Brio. Just about everything they said to convince me to sign that contract was a lie. They came into our home and lied to us repeatedly and completely ripped us off. WE HAVE REACHED OUT TO AN ATTORNEY. For those that were speaking of a potential lawsuit, feel free to email me at [email protected]. You can also join my FB group concerning complaints/potential lawsuit I refuse to let them get away with continually taking advantage of people that already struggle financially. We were told there was 100% coverage with panels. That was a lie. It’s about 65%. We were told there’s no way we’d receive a bill before panels were functioning. That was a lie. Instead of reducing $17,000 incentives from cost of panels, they add it to it to make the loan more and then make you use your tax incentive and rebate to pay down on loan. So they take money you should get in addition to overcharging $20,000. They said we were guaranteed to get the tax incentive to keep our bill from going up $100 more per month. Didn’t happen, so our bill will go up. Almost 5 months later, panels are still not functional and we’re paying on the loan for panels that aren’t functional. (we’ve since told them not to go any further since we are working on a lawsuit.) Panels were installed incorrectly. Dimming and surging after electrical came and wired the panels up. They got their money from the loan company and all of a sudden they slow down and are unconcerned and unresponsive. Installed panels and did electrical without obtaining permits which is ILLEGAL. Now they refuse to go back on the contract that we signed on false pretenses. Terrible company.

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    John Wilson - Pittsboro, North Carolina June 15, 2022 at 9:36 pm

    We had a good start with Brio. Their friendly sales rep showed us how we would save because Brio’s solar panels will cost the same as our current energy usage, loan terms were low, they’ll do all our permit requests, even for our HOA, and help with securing tax rebates to offset some of the expense. After about 6 months of waiting for the various permit processing our solar panels finally arrived and were installed, and we were all happy. Or so we thought. Once Brio got our money and the loans started, things went pear-shaped. The panel array on our roof–supposed to cover our power needs–didn’t even cover 30% of our needs. That power the panels generated also cost 2x the price than what we would’ve paid through our power utility. It took over a year of us repeatedly contacting Brio (most responses involved us needing to call a third party that was great in ignoring our pleas for help) before we got a defunct panel fixed. There is no contract where Brio lays out what our panels will produce–only a contract with a credit agency–so we’re stuck with paying double the price of energy (once for the solar panel loan and again for the energy we have to purchase because the panels are insufficient despite claims they would meet our needs) for the next two decades!

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    Dawn Chitwood - Weaverville, North Carolina June 19, 2022 at 5:00 pm

    Brio Energy sends sales people to the door promising that your electric bill will be the same of less than you’re currently paying. They also tell you that you get tax incentives and that when you put those tax incentives towards the solar loan, it will reduce your payments after the first 18 months. Well, I am 18 months in and the solar loan payment plus the electric bill is double what I was paying with Duke. My bill never decreased because we didn’t owe enough in taxes to receive the full incentive in the last two tax years. Not only that, but since they installed it, we’ve been getting errors that have required us to reboot the system every few weeks basically rendering it useless for periods of time and causing our electric bill to be even higher than it should be. It has NEVER worked properly. And, now they are telling me that the parts are covered by warranty, but they’re going to charge for labor. This company gets worse every interaction I have with them.

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    Juana - San Antonio, Texas November 9, 2022 at 8:23 pm

    Professional, friendly service, customer oriented.

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    Lisa O - Fairview, North Carolina February 3, 2023 at 6:26 am

    My son referred me. Liked what they had to offer.

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