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Solar Companies in Connecticut

Connecticut places a significant premium on maintaining its valued natural assets, which range from its sandy Atlantic beaches to various wooded retreats. Fortunately, Connecticut has made great efforts to help its citizens with sustainable solar energy. This tiny, foggy state has set the bar for other states to follow in creating a thriving solar sector since it has one of the fastest-growing solar energy companies in the country. Connecticut should remain a leader in solar energy for many years to come because of its robust RPS, net metering, and incentive programs.

One of the top solar-producing states in the US is Connecticut, which provides financial incentives to citizens who switch to renewable energy sources and lower utility bills. The state government has made the conservation of natural resources a top priority, and it has enacted a tough Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) law that gives solar users tax breaks. Net metering in the state, however, is in danger due to recent legislative changes. Find comprehensive details about solar energy in Connecticut, including prices for electricity, solar panel installers, and a variety of tools, rebates, and incentives for turning green.

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PurePoint Energy

Outstanding Local Installer PurePoint Energy

PurePoint Energy was established on the concept that there must be an alternative to burning fossil fuels for energy. Fossil fuels harm the ozone layer and contaminate our environment. Over the years, our business has expanded from a modest shared office to a private office and warehouse, generating employment opportunities for people all over Connecticut.

The goal has remained the same over time: to leave the planet in a better state. For commercial, agricultural, and nonprofit clients, the greatest solar energy systems are constructed to do this.

The company modestly started by identifying a gap in Connecticut and New York where they could assist local farmers in going solar, which would decrease their operating costs, generate income, and lessen their carbon impact. They are adept at offering the same service now to any property owners searching for a more efficient approach to power their residence or place of business.

The employees take great pleasure in our concierge-style client service at PurePoint Energy. The solar energy professionals are well regarded in communities all around Connecticut and Westchester County, New York, in large part due to our concern for our customers, attention to detail, and an unshakable dedication to providing a high-quality system on time. They minimize discomfort and friction throughout the solar installation procedure. Throughout the entire procedure, they take the lead.

  • Most efficient panels on the market
  • National coverage
  • Cradle to Cradle sustainability certification
  • Great warranty coverage
  • Expensive
  • Customer service varies by local dealer

Earthlight Technologies

Outstanding Regional Installer Earthlight Technologies

Located in Ellington, Connecticut, Earthlight Technologies is a family-run company that specializes in providing solutions for home solar, commercial solar, and commercial energy efficiency projects.

The company’s goal is to streamline the procedure and make it simple. So, in addition to bespoke design, engineering, construction, finance, system monitoring, operations, and maintenance, they also offer these services in-house. Every budget may afford Earthlight’s complete solutions, and they provide various payment and financing alternatives.

At Earthlight, people strive to offer clients the best possible goods, performance, reliability, and price. This dedication is ingrained in the culture and is crucial to our success and growth going forward.

On the east and west coasts, Earthlight has finished more than 1,500 energy efficiency projects, more than 1,500 residential solar projects, and about 100 commercial solar projects. They now have more than 100 workers and take great pride in being a business that offers first-rate turnkey service.

  • Many financing options
  • Family-owned and -operated
  • Makes charitable contributions
  • Limited service area
  • Relatively short workmanship warranty

Green Power Energy

Outstanding Regional Installer Green Power Energy

Every installation is carefully tailored to each homeowner’s needs using a range of goods and financing alternatives that the company works with! From design through installation, the process is fully integrated, and they provide a 25-year warranty backed by a full-time service department.

As a full-service solar installation business, Green Power Energy manages the solar installation process from start to finish. At Green Power Energy, they follow a set of guiding principles that help us stay accountable to the customers, each other, and ourselves. Integrity, quality, dependability, teamwork, being an advocate for Green Power Energy and the sector, and finishing the job are the company’s key principles.

Green Power Energy is able to provide customers with the attention they require since we are a private, family-run business. When you contact Green Power Energy, you get a person on the phone able to help you with your questions right away. The company takes great pleasure in the quality and care they put into everything.

  • Comprehensive service offerings
  • Offers products from leading manufacturers
  • NABCEP-certified technicians
  • Relatively young company
  • Slightly limited service area

Premier Improvements Solar

Outstanding Local Installer Premier Improvements Solar

More than 1,000 successful renewable energy projects in Connecticut have been completed by Premier Improvements Solar, a company that has been building clean energy systems for more than 20 years. Premier Improvements Solar is a pioneer in the fields of smart home automation, solar energy, and battery backup. To fulfill all of your solar energy demands, they provide a range of programs and solutions. In order to ensure that your solar energy system is installed with the highest expertise, all of the personnel are highly qualified specialists.

With value-added services like solar battery storage and home automation systems, the company provides clients with sustainable solar panel solutions that help them lower their power expenses. Make sure you get your solar panels installed by the top local solar installers in Hartford, CT, for the greatest value and expert outcomes.

The staff is devoted to serving consumers by installing solar panels of the highest caliber using a reliable, expert method. Every solar project reflects a strong sense of purpose and a culture of excellence.

It is a community-minded local solar installation business. Premier Improvement Solar is among the best solar firms in Connecticut since they successfully complete a lot of solar installations each year.

  • Affordable solar solutions
  • Long company history
  • Great warranty coverage
  • Installs many top-tier brands
  • Full-service company
  • No leases or PPAs accepted
  • Large company size sometimes leads to below-average customer service

Aegis Solar Energy

Outstanding Local Installer Aegis Solar Energy

Aegis is the state’s first solar firm, established in Branford, Connecticut, in 1989 by Chris Lenda. But through the years, they’ve adapted to the constantly shifting demands of our clients in the electronics and renewable energy sectors, giving their customers a reliable option for a wide range of solar solutions.

For 20 years, Aegis has effectively completed residential, institutional, and commercial projects across the state by collaborating closely with local contractors, architects, homeowners, and companies.

The company is also pleased to sponsor the apprenticeship program run by the Connecticut Department of Labor. They ensure that apprentice electricians and solar installers receive the required training in electrical construction and solar installation while learning to always abide by applicable building codes by encouraging them to work alongside seasoned journeymen. The company puts a lot of emphasis on teaching excellent craftsmanship skills and the need to be aware of the demands and expectations of the customer.

  • Great customer service
  • Certified SunPower dealer
  • Relatively affordable
  • Many years of experience
  • Only one equipment brand offered
  • Relatively small service area

Support Connecticut in Going Green!

Reduce your reliance on hazardous, polluting fossil fuels in Connecticut by producing and storing your own renewable energy. This will support the development of a more advanced, dependable energy system that utilizes clean, local electricity. Additionally, Eversource (formerly Connecticut Light & Power) has a net energy metering (NEM) program that may allow you to receive credits on your utility account for the extra solar energy you produce and feed back into the grid. 17 Connecticut’s net metering program can enable you to reduce your upcoming energy expenses.

Cost of Solar in Connecticut

In Connecticut, the average energy cost is above $0.21/kWh, while the cost for businesses is $0.16/kWh. The majority of the expense is borne by residential consumers, who pay even higher rates of roughly $.18/kWh. Despite a slight drop in rates from 2009 to 2012, the cost of power as a whole has increased significantly since 2002. The desire of customers to move to more affordable power sources, such as solar, has been influenced by these high costs.

What are the Solar Policies & Incentives in Connecticut?

Many Connecticut citizens are switching to solar energy to take advantage of the incentives provided by the solar-friendly state government. In recent years, solar growth has been accelerated by state-sponsored schemes intended to attract municipalities and business owners. The government and General Assembly have a commitment to renewable energy. In reality, the state ranked 19th in the US as of 2019, with more than 641 MWs of solar capacity. The Residential Solar Investment Program in Connecticut, which provides a range of alternatives, including leases with no upfront expenses and cost savings dependent on the particular system, might be advantageous to homeowners. However, due to legislative changes in 2018, net metering will no longer be available to new clients when the Residential Solar Investment Scheme expires or when the new compensation program is established, whichever comes first.

Numerous solar and energy storage incentives in Connecticut significantly lower the cost of going solar.

The Federal ITC: The majority of solar energy installations qualify for the federal tax credit, formally known as the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which entitles you to a deduction of up to 26% of the installation costs of your solar system from your overall tax liability for the year of purchase. When solar energy is used, storage expenses are eligible for the ITC.

Eversource REC Incentive: customers are eligible for an incentive of $0.03 per kWh the system generates. This is known as the Eversource REC Incentive. Quarterly payments are made for 20 years while the solar system produces power. An average 8 kW system would collect around $230–280 per year or about $4,500 overall.

Demand Response Storage Incentives: By allowing the utility to use stored energy during periods of peak power demand, battery storage owners can earn hundreds of dollars per year. In Eversource, the program was once known as ConnectedSolutions, but starting in 2022, it will also be made available to Unitil customers as part of a new Electric Storage Program.

Incentives for the Electric Storage Program up front: Customers of Eversource and Unitil are eligible to receive up to $7,500 for energy storage installation. A step-down timetable for this new incentive for 2022 lowers the reward as more applications are received.

Exemption from State Property Tax: It has been demonstrated that solar may raise your home’s value. You don’t pay more taxes because you installed solar panels since Connecticut exempts this addition from your property taxes.

Sales Tax Exemption: Solar is exempt from Connecticut’s sales tax.

How Do Solar Power Systems Work in Connecticut?

Eversource Energy and Unitil, the state’s two investor-owned utilities, provide power to the majority of Connecticut citizens. State laws mandate that certain electric providers provide 1-to-1 net metering credits. This indicates that the amount the utility charges you for power is the same as the credit for extra electricity your PV system produces and transfers to the electric grid. Municipal utilities and electric cooperatives may not give the same net metering value since they develop their own policies.

Many Connecticut individuals are thinking about adding battery storage to their solar systems to offer emergency backup power during grid outages as a result of storms and new incentive programs. The essential demands of the home are met during the day by solar systems combined with storage, and any extra energy is saved in the battery for usage at night.

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